EMIC Charter

A. Introduction

The EMIC is a standing committee of the Board of Directors (“Board”) of the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (“NSIA”), established to assist the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibility for the investment assets of the NSIA, including the investment process, strategies and policies that are employed with respect to the investment assets.

B. Responsibilities

The Investment Committee’s responsibilities include:
1. Set the investment policy and guidelines for the FGF and SF (to be ratified by the Board). These policies and guidelines should be articulated in writing in the Investment Policy Statement (included as an annex to this charter) and reviewed annually.

2. Oversee investment and reinvestment of funds into the FGF and SF portfolios. The EMIC may delegate investment functions to the executive officers and staff of the NSIA as the EMIC deems appropriate.

3. Monitor each of the two portfolios, taking into considerations performance and positioning of each portfolio to ensure alignment with the agreed investment policies. The EMIC should report its findings to the Board.

EMIC Charter