NSIA Funds

Generations Fund

The purpose of the Future Generations Fund (FGF) is to preserve and grow the value of assets transferred into it – by investing in a diversified portfolio of appropriate growth investments – in order to provide future generations of Nigerians with a solid savings base for such a time as the country’s hydrocarbon reserves are depleted.
Future Generation Fund NSIA

To invest in a diversified portfolio of growth investments to provide future generations of Nigerians a savings base for such time as the hydrocarbon reserves are exhausted.

Initial %Assets Allocation & Size

40% allocation / US$400 million

New % Allocation & Current Size**

30% allocation / US$921million

Strategic Asset Allocation / Focus Sectors.
Asset Class      Allocation
Public Equity 30%
Private Equity/Venture 25%
Absolute Return 20%
Cash & Other
Mandate / Recent Investments

  • Public Equity is split 50% Developed markets and 50% Emerging Markets
  • Private Equity Commitment is split roughly 25% secondary and 75% primary interest.
  • Absolute returns: Four Hedge fund strategies such as global macro, credit, long/short equity etc.
  • Others include Aircraft leasing, Healthcare royalty, commodity etc.

Expected Average Annualized Returns

US CPI + 400 BPS

Investment Horizon

Medium to Long Term

Future Generation Fund NSIA

With effect from 2018, the Future Generations Fund (FGF) began to receive 30% of the core capital contributions to the Authority. The Board’s decision for the restructuring was based on the need to increase infrastructure investment in the country, which would also benefit future generations. The NIF, therefore, started to receive an additional 10% of subsequent fund allocations to the Authority.

The FGF is a long-term investor and has an investment horizon of above 20 years, so it is expected to weather multiple economic and market cycles. Diversification is used as a key risk management tool in achieving the investment objectives and mitigating the effects of volatility and uncertainty on the Fund’s investment.

Future Generation Fund NSIA

The Fund has a multi-asset strategy and investments range from traditional assets, such as equities, to alternative assets including hedge funds and private equity. The Board Investment Committee approved a strategy that provides guidelines for the Fund’s investments, in line with its risk and return objectives.

The asset allocation is based on long-term risk and return objectives, with due consideration to volatility, and is diversified across various asset classes. This ensures that risk is mitigated. Due to the Fund’s long-term horizon, the asset allocation is skewed to growth assets which account for 85% of the allocation. The rest is apportioned to inflation hedges (10%) and deflation hedges (5%). External managers are used to gain exposure to these asset classes at this point in the Authority’s life cycle.